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Well-Being Bundle


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  • Image of Well-Being Bundle
  • Image of Well-Being Bundle

These beautiful sets contain 3 Gemstone Bracelets & 1 Miracle Glow Bead Bracelet.

Frosted Natural Amazonite :- is a soothing stone, it’s said to help soothe emotional traumas & alleviate worry & fear.

Natural Pink Zebra Jasper :- is a protection stone, it’s said to bring contentment.

Natural Rose Quartz :- is a stone of universal love, it’s said to promote love , self love, friendship healing & peace.

Natural Crackled Agate :- is a protective stone, it’s said to help with negativity & bring harmony & peace.

Natural Bronzite :- is a stone of Courtesy, it's said to instill a polite nature in those around you & promote a loving & unprejudiced discernment within us.

Natural Black Onyx :- is a protective stone, it's said to absorb negative energy & aid the development of emotional & physical strength & stamina in times of stress & confusion.

These stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. All information provided is for informational use only.